Accident-Only Pet Insurance Policies

Here we have listed the Accident-Only Pet Insurance policies, and you can view and compare the key details for each one. These policies will generally only cover vet fees for injuries caused by an accident, and will not cover treatment for illness.

Accident-Only Pet Insurance Comparison

Provider Policy Name
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Claim Limit Policy Type Covers Online



Accident OnlyMORE TH>N Accident OnlyAccidental Damage: £500
Complementary Treatment: n/a
Death: n/a
Dental Treatment: n/a
Holiday Cancellation: n/a
Kennel or Cattery Fees: n/a
Lost or Stolen Pet: £1,000 (optional)
Lost Pet Advert & Reward: £1,000 (optional)
Put to Sleep: £150 (optional)
Third Party Liabilty: £0.5 million
Travel Abroad: n/a
Underwriter: RSA (owned by)

Per Accident
Accident-Only Cat
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