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helpucover Vital

The Vital pet insurance policy from helpucover is a Lifetime policy that provides £2,000 of vet fees cover per year. All the main policy benefits are illustrated in the table to the left.

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  • There is a standard fixed excess per condition (varies by area), per condition year.
  • £250 excess for Third Party liability claims

Age Restrictions

New policies only available for cats up to 10 years old and dogs up to 8 years old (5 years for select breed dogs). Once the insurance is in place, you can continue your pets policy for life, provided you continue to pay the policy premiums.

Other Details

  • Claims for each condition are limited to £000 each year.
  • Food is covered but only if it is used for the dissolving of existing bladder stones or crystals, limited to a maximum of 25% of the cost of food for up to 6 months; and/or liquid consumable food, used for up to 5 days while your pet is hospitalised at a veterinary surgery.
  • Euthanasia is covered, but any charges in respect of disposal, cremation, or burial of your pet are not.
  • Dental cover is for treatment of accidental injury only, unless the treatment was recommended and undertaken after the first 2 years of cover, there is a history of check-ups and treatment is carried out within 6 months of recommendation.
  • Cat Insurance benefit limits are lower for Boarding fees, Loss, Death and Finding your Cat - check policy documentation for more details.

Additional Benefits

Helpucover will pay your premium for each complete 30 day period you are unable to work as a result of an accidental injury, illness or involuntary unemployment - up to 6 months premiums.

Benefit Covered Benefit Limits
Policy Details      The amount this policy will cover for treatment per condition or year, depending on the policy type.

Time Limited policies provide 12 months of cover from the start of the incident. Maximum Benefit policies will pay out up to a set limit per condition, but once you reach this limit you can no longer claim for this condition. Lifetime policies provide cover for ongoing conditions as long as the policy is renewed each year.

Some insurers will not allow you to take out a new policy once your pet reaches a certain age.

Some insurers can arrange to pay your vet directly, rather than you having to pay the vet upfront, and then claim the fees back from the insurer.
Vet Fees Limit £2,000 per Year
Policy Type Lifetime
Policy Underwriter Pinnacle Insurance
Covers Older Pets
Pays Vet Directly
Treatment Cover      In addition to the standard vet fees cover, some policies will also cover complementary and dental treatment, and also other treatment fees too, including treating behavioural illness.

Complementary treatment includes cover for treatments such as acupuncture, homeopathy, chiropractic manipulation, hydrotherapy, osteopathy and physiotherapy. Some policies will limit the number of hydrotherapy sessions per condition.

Dental treatment is sometimes limited to treating an injury caused by an accident. It can also be on condition that your pet has a yearly dental examination carried out by a vet.

Farewell cover will pay out for the costs of putting your pet to sleep, as well as related burial or cremation costs.

Some policies will pay for food recommended by your vet in order to treat a condition.
Complementary £750
Dental Illness Cover see notes
Farewell Cover (see notes)
Food (see notes)
Death or Loss      Cover for death by illness or injury will pay the purchase/donation price of your pet if it dies from illness or injury. Most policies will not pay for death by illness once a pet reaches a specified age.

Lost or stolen pet cover will pay out the purchase/donation price of your pet if it is permanently lost or stolen and not recovered despite the use of the advertising and reward cover.

Some policies will cover the costs of local advertising and for offering a suitable reward for the recovery of your pet if it is lost or stolen.
Death from Illness/Injury £500
Lost or Stolen Pet £500
Advertising & Reward £500
Travel and Holidays      Some policies will provide cover for vet fees if your pet is injured or becomes ill during your trip abroad, if you comply with the United Kingdom Government Pet Travel Scheme, also known as PETS.

Emergency Expenses will pay for additional transport and accommodation costs should you need to make special arrangements to get your pet home, or if your pet is unable to travel until after your scheduled date of travel home.

If you have to cancel a holiday because your pet is lost, or becomes ill or is injured shortly before you are due to travel, then some policies will pay the costs of any lost travel and accommodation expenses.

Lost Health Certificate cover will pay for replacement documents if you lose and need to replace the original Pet Travel Scheme health certificate during a trip, or if your pet’s microchip fails meaning a new certificate is required.

Quarantine cover will pay out for the costs of putting your pet into quarantine if your pet is unable to travel due to illness, or because of a failure of the microchip.

Some policies will pay out for a repeat of worming treatment if your return back to the UK is delayed by your carrier.
Vet Fees Abroad £750, up to 90 days
Emergency Expenses
Holiday Cancellation £500
Lost Health Certificate
Quarantine Costs
Emergency Care      Emergency Boarding cover will pay for your pet to be boarded in a licensed kennel or cattery if you or a member of your family has to stay in hospital (usually for more than 4 days).

Emergency Pet Minding cover will pay for someone to look after your pet if you or a member of your family has to stay in hospital (usually for more than 4 days).
Boarding Costs £500
Pet Minder £500
Other Benefits      Accidental Damage cover will pay out if your pet damages some else’s property, even if you are not legally liable for the damage.

If you have more than one pet, then insurers who offer multi-pet discounts could save you money.

Online discounts will apply to the first year of cover if you take out the policy online. While a large discount may be attractive, you should bear in mind that the policy costs will increase if you renew the policy after the first year.

Third Party Liability applies to dogs only, and will cover damages and legal costs to others that you are legally liable to pay, if your dog causes death or injury to a person, or loss or damage to their property.

As an additional benefit, some policies provide free access to Legal, or 24 hour vet advice helplines.
Accidental Damage
Multi-Pet Discount 1 month free
Online Discount * 10%
Third Party Liability £2 million
Legal Helpline
24h Vet Helpline


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