15 of the Best Cat Trees and Scratching Posts

15 of the Best Cat Trees & Scratching Posts

Last updated: December 6th, 2018

Cats have a natural instinct to climb, sleep off the ground and keep their claws sharp by scratching. A cat tree or activity centre is the ideal place for your cat to play and sleep, and scratching posts make a great alternative to your furniture for your cat to sharpen their claws on. They also help cats stretch their back and shoulder muscles.

But with so many different types available, how do you choose which scratching post or cat tree is best for you and your cat?

From a basic scratching post, to a luxury custom-made cat tower with multiple levels, there is something for all cats, and all budgets. It’s possible to spend anything between £10 and £1,000+, but how do you decide which is the best and also best value?

In this review, we look at 15 of the best cat towers and scratching posts currently available to buy online.

Price and Quality

As with many things in life, sometimes it is worth spending a little bit more to get better quality. The cheaper cat towers may look like a good deal initially, but they aren’t always as sturdy as some of the more expensive alternatives, and you may end up paying more over a period of years if you have to replace the cheaper version more often.

The cheaper products are also generally made with less-sturdy materials, which means they can be less stable and more likely to be knocked over if you have particularly energetic or heavy cats.

Size and Weight

Another important factor to take into account is size. Some of the larger cat towers can take up a lot of room, and can be quite heavy – something to be aware of it you need to move it around. A heavy tower is an advantage though if you have larger cats, as the additional weight of the tower will help keep it steady when your cats jump on to or off the tower. Some towers can be attached to the ceiling or wall for additional security.

If you have more than one cat, a larger tower with multiple levels and sleeping places will mean all your furry friends can find somewhere to rest and play.

It is also advisable that a scratching post be tall enough for your cat to stretch out fully when they scratch, so for an average sized cat you should be looking for one that is at least 50cm tall. It should also have a sturdy base so the post doesn’t get knocked over when they lean against it.

So without further ado, here is our pick of the 15 best cat towers and scratching posts available to buy in the UK at the moment.

Overview of Cat Trees and Scratching Posts

Cat Tree/Scratching PostSleeping AreasHeight (cm)Price
Diogenes Scratching Barrel – XL4100£60
Natural Paradise Scratch Barrel – XXL Premium4113£100
Premium Scratching Post – XXL0120£45
Trixie Parla Scratching Post062£20
Tigga Towers Tilly Tigga Cat Scratching Tower3155£505
Vesper V-Tower Cat Tree3117£100
Ancol Acticat Tree House Scratch Post2140£60
Trixie Zaragoza Scratching Post2220£105
Cozy Pet Deluxe Multi Level Cat Tree5170£40
Vesper V-High Lounge Cat Tree196£120
Ancol Acticat Fat Boy Scratch Post070£30
Gingerbread House Cat Tree4165£70
Natural Paradise Scratching Post – XXL3219£120
Kerbl Dolomit Cat Tree4168£85
Banana Leaf Little Den Scratching Post193£55

1. Diogenes Scratching Barrel – XL

Diogenes Scratching Barrel

The Diogenes Scratching Barrel is a barrel covered in sisal, with 3 round entrances leading to sleeping dens. The lower den has a soft padded sleeping area, and has a connecting passage leading to the second level which makes it great for games of hide and seek. Each of the 3 dens also has a small toy with little bells to give your cat something to play with.

On top of the barrel is a plush covered cushion which makes a perfect place for your cat to curl up on and and watch the world go by, or have a relaxing cat-nap. This cushion is attached by velcro, so is easy to remove if you want to pop it in the washing machine to clean it.

This particular one is the Extra Large, but smaller sizes are also available. It is available in two colours – beige and black.

  • Tall enough for even the biggest cats
  • Cushion is velcro-attached for easy cleaning
  • The dens provide cosy sleeping areas
  • It’s rather large, so takes up a fair bit of room
  • The dangling fluffy balls don’t appear to last very long


Height: 100cm
Diameter: 45cm
Price: £60

2. Natural Paradise Scratch Barrel – XXL Premium

Natural Paradise Scratch BarrelIf the Diogenes Scratching Barrel isn’t quite big enough for your cats, then take a look at the larger Natural Paradise Scratch Barrel. The larger base plate, and heavy weight makes this very stable, and suitable for even the most energetic cats.

The outside of the barrel is covered in a durable natural sisal material, which is perfect for your cat to use for scratching. The height of the barrel will mean even the largest cat can stretch out and enjoy sharpening their claws.

Like the Diogenes barrel, this one features 3 sleeping dens, but unlike the Diogenes version these aren’t interconnected. However they do all feature a cosy, padded cushion which can easily be removed for cleaning. They also each have a small cat toy at the entrance. In addition, there is another comfy padded bad at the top of the barrel – which is also attached with velcro for easy removal for cleaning.

This Natural Paradise Barrel is also available in smaller sizes too.


Height: 113cm
Diameter: 55cm (barrel 45cm)
Price: £100

3. Premium Scratching Post – XXL

Premium Scratching Post XXLIf you’re looking for a large, sturdy and straightforward scratching post, this Premium XXL Scratching Post is well worth a look. It’s relatively expensive just for a scratching post, but is larger and heavier than most, and gets excellent reviews.

The large and thick base makes this very sturdy, and ideal for larger cats such as Ragdolls and Maine Coons.

The jumbo-sized 15cm diameter post is covered in a thick and durable sisal coating, and features a variety of toys, including real feathers, attached to the top to help keep your cat entertained. The top of the post is covered in a soft, plush material.


Height: 120cm
Width: 56cm (Post 15cm diameter)
Weight: 11.5 kg
Price: £45

4. Trixie Parla Scratching Post

Trixie Parla Scratching PostThe Trixie Parla Scratching Post is a good value cat scratching post without any frills, and a perfect starter scratch post.

At 62 cm high, it is tall enough for most cats to stretch out when they use it. The base is covered in a plush material, and the post is covered in natural sisal to encourage your cat to use it.

It is very simple to assemble, and is available in two colours – Platinum Grey and Beige.

Although it isn’t as big or heavy as some other scratching posts available, it does get excellent customer reviews and for the price you can’t really go wrong!


Height: 62 cm
Width: 40cm (Post 9cm diameter)
Weight: 2.3 kg
Price: £20

5. Tigga Towers Tilly Tigga Cat Scratching Tower

Tigga Towers Tilly Tigga Scratching TowerThis fantastic Tilly Tigga Cat Scratching Tower is at the opposite end of the spectrum to some of the cheaper scratching posts featured here, in price, size and quality.

If you’re a fan of BBC’s show The Apprentice, you may have seen Tigga Towers featured in the 2015 series. They produce a range of luxury cat furniture, including a modular cat scratching tower system. They offer a number of standard configurations, but you can easily design your own towers from the selection of bases, poles, beds and platforms that they offer. The price may seem very high, but the quality of the towers is excellent, and they are very sturdy so will last for many years. The size and weight of these towers also make them ideal for larger or more energetic cats.

This particular tower has a round wicker basket bed at the top of the 1.25m high scratching post, and another fabric platform bed just over half-way up which has a comfy cat hammock attached underneath, providing space for up to 3 cats to sleep.

Due to the modular system, it is also possible to extend or modify your existing tower, so it can grow to meet the needs of you and your cats.

Find out more here: Tigga Towers


Base: 50 cm x 60 cm
Height: 155cm
Post Diameter: 16cm
Price: £504

6. Vesper V-Tower Cat Tree

Vesper V Tower Cat TreeThe Vesper V-Tower Cat Tree is a stylish cat tower from the Vesper range of cat furniture. Vesper are part of the Hagen group, who also produce the well-known Cat-It range of products.

This multi-level tower features two cube caves, and one tunnel cave as well. There are also two large sisal scratching mats – one on the side, and one surrounding the top tunnel cave. The black and walnut colour versions also include memory foam cushions for extra comfort for your cat. The cushions are easily removable so can be washed separately.

It is made from high-quality MDF which is made from New Zealand pine, and a scratch-resistant wood-finished laminate. It has rounded corners and edges for a safe and high-quality feel. It is quite a sturdy and heavy piece of furniture, so should be very stable for even large and boisterous pets.

It does require assembly, and if you get stuck there is a helpful video available with instructions to explain how to put it together.


Base: 65 cm x 65 cm
Height: 117 cm
Price: £110-140

7. Ancol Acticat Tree House Scratch Post

Ancol Acticat Tree House Scratch PostThe Ancol Acticat Tree House Scratch Post is a relatively simple activity centre for cats, from the Ancol Acticat range of cat products. It features 4 vertical scratching posts, a cosy hideout in the centre and a padded platform at the top.

Dangling from the top platform is a small toy, which is attached to a piece of string – ideal to keep your furry companion occupied when they are not sleeping.

There is also a ladder leading up to the hideout which has sisal-covered rungs for your cat to use for scratching. If you are limited on space, the ladder can be removed.

The base and den are covered in a soft plush material, and the tree house is also infused with catnip to help make this activity centre irresistible to cats.

There is also a rope, which is attached to the bottom of the sleeping den. This is great for clawing and for cats to play with.


Height: 140 cm
Price: £62

8. Trixie Zaragoza Scratching Post

Trixie Zaragoza Cat TreeUnlike most of the cat towers available which are free-standing, the Trixie Zaragoza Scratching Post is designed to attach to the ceiling to provide additional stability, and prevent it from toppling over.

It has multiple scratching posts wrapped in natural sisal, and a cat cave with two entrances. It also features several platforms, a tunnel and a hammock bed as well as a ladder for accessing the cat cave.

The ladder has sisal rungs, for even more scratching fun for your cats! The hammock and cat cave are covered in a soft plush material for extra comfort.

While this is a fairly solid tree, it has an adjustable screw at the top with a flat plate, which you can tighten up against the ceiling to provide additional stability. This will adjust to ceilings from 220 cm to 260 cm in height.

The design of this tree means that your cat can climb all the way up the pole to the top if they are energetic enough!

It is available in two colours – Platinum Grey and Beige.


Base: 56 cm x 68 cm
Post: 9cm diameter
Height: 220-260 cm
Price: £105-120

9. Cozy Pet Deluxe Multi Level Cat Tree

Cozy Pet Multi-Level Cat TreeThe Cozy Pet Deluxe Multi Level Cat Tree is one of a range of cat activity centres that Cozy Pet sell. This particular model is the CT04, and is ideal if you’re looking for a cheap multi-level cat tree which doesn’t break the bank.

With a height of 170 cm, this cat activity centre includes 2 cat sleeping dens, 3 beds and several platforms. There are also a number of sisal-wrapped scratching posts, 4 toy mice and 2 ladders to help your cat access the sleeping dens.

For such a cheap price, you wouldn’t necessarily expect the quality to be that great, however the numerous positive reviews on Amazon confirm that there are many satisfied customers. Although it has to be noted that some comments do suggest that the quality isn’t as good as other, more expensive products.

This tree also is more suited to kittens and smaller cats, so if you have a larger breed then you should look at a more sturdy and larger cat tree.


Height: 170 cm
Base: 50 cm x 50 cm
Price: £40

10. Vesper V-High Lounge Cat Tree

Vesper V-High Lounge TreeThe Vesper V-High Lounge Cat Tree is another stylish and high-quality piece of cat furniture from the Vesper range.

This particular cat tree looks like something that a James Bond villain’s cat might choose for their cat naps in-between plotting world domination, and the oval cave gives this tree a unique and futuristic look.

Like the V-Tower cat tree, this features lots of curved edges to give it a safe and high-quality feel. The tower itself is made from poplar wood, and the oval cave on top is fitted with a soft memory-foam cushion and soft white faux fur. The cave also has an opening at the top for your cat to use for access or just observation. The cushion is attached with Velcro strips to make it easy to remove for cleaning.

The tree also features two sisal scratching mats which are both attached with Velcro. One is attached to the top of the oval cave, on the opposite side to the opening, and the other is attached to the curved panel. The main scratching post is also wrapped in sisal to give your cat plenty of choice when they want to have a good scratch.


Height: 96 cm
Base: 50 cm x 70 cm
Price: £120

11. Ancol Acticat Fat Boy Scratch Post

Ancol Fat Boy Scratching PostThe Ancol Acticat Fat Boy Scratching Post is, as the name suggests, a big and sturdy scratching post. At 70cm high and with a 24cm diameter pole it is suitable for even the largest cat breed such as Maine Coons and Persians, and will let them stretch out fully when they use it.

WIth this large post having a 50cm square base, this will also be very stable, and resist being knocked over by even the most determined felines!

The post is wrapped in over 60 metres of sisal rope, and has a plush chocolate coloured material top and base. The post is also infused with catnip to encourage your cat to play with it.


Base: 50 cm x 50 cm
Height: 70cm
Post Diameter: 24cm
Weight: 5kg
Price: £32

12. Gingerbread House Cat Tree

Gingerbread House Cat TreeThe Gingerbread House Cat Tree is a large cat activity centre which has pretty much everything your cat could want in a cat tree. There are multiple platforms for your cat to sit and watch the world go by from, along with 2 cosy beds and an enclosed den for cat naps. There is also a hammock for provide yet another place for snoozing. The two soft beds can be easily removed for washing.

There are also multiple sisal-wrapped scratching posts – 11 in total, giving your cat lots of opportunity for scratching and sharpening their claws.

Unlike most trees that you can buy, this one has two bases which makes it extra stable. It can also be assembled in two ways to suit your needs – either at right angles to fit in a corner, or lengthways.

It is available in two colours – beige and dark brown. You can also buy an XXL version for larger breeds of cat. This version is more expensive, but has thicker poles (11 cm rather than 9cm diameter) and is larger in size.


Height: 165 cm [175 cm for XXL]
Width: 98 cm (Corner layout) or 58 cm (Lengthways layout) – [120 cm or 75 cm for XXL]
Length: 82 cm (Corner layout) or 135 cm (Lengthways layout) – [113 cm or 161 cm for XXL]
Post Diameter: 9 cm [11 cm for XXL]
Price: £66 [£120 for XXL]

13. Natural Paradise Scratching Post – XXL

Natural Paradise Scratching Post XXLThe Natural Paradise Scratching Post – XXL is a huge scratching post, which will give your cat loads of room to climb, play and sleep.

Standing a whopping 219 cm tall, it has a very large 27 cm diameter, and will make your cat think you have a large tree growing inside your home! Not only can your cat climb right to the very top if they so desire, but there are also 2 wooden platforms which have soft and comfortable beds attached.

It is possible to fit only 1, or even none of the wooden platforms if desired, so it would be possible to fit this giant scratching post into a reasonably narrow space.

The scratching post itself is wrapped in natural sisal, and the 3 platforms are made from natural, untreated plywood. The plush beds are attached with Velcro strips, so are easily removed for cleaning (wash up to 30°C).

There is a hidden wall bracket attached to the top platform, so once secured to your wall it makes the post very stable, and will mean it’s safe for even the largest and most energetic cats.

The post is available in two colours – a natural and discreet cream, and a dark brown.


Height: 219 cm
Base Diameter: 45 cm
Post Diameter: 27 cm
Price: £120

14. Kerbl Dolomit Cat Tree

Kerbl Dolomit Cat TreeThe Kerbl Dolomit Cat Tree is unlike most cat trees, as it is designed for wall-mounting, and doesn’t touch the floor. It has a total of 5 sleeping areas, as well as a long scratching post.

The sisal-covered scratching post has 2 wooden platforms attached, as well as a cat cave and a hammock at the top. The two platforms and cave each have a comfortable plush cushion attached with Velcro, so are easily removable.

As the scratching post runs all the way up the tree, your cats can reach out and scratch their claws without having to move from the comfort of their bed.

The sleeping platforms are 40 cm in diameter, so should be big enough for almost every cat, although the cat cave is probably more suited to small and medium sized cats.

As the tree is attached to a wall at the top and bottom of the 168 cm high post, it is very secure and ideal for large and energetic cats who love to climb.

An even larger version of this tree is also available, which is 185 cm high, and includes an additional scratching post as well as extra sleeping areas.


Height: 168 cm
Post Diameter: 10 cm
Price: £85

15. Banana Leaf Little Den Scratching Post

Banana Leaf Little Den Scratching PostThe Banana Leaf Little Den Scratching Post is a simple cat scratching post with a cosy sleeping den on top, so gives your cat a place to sharpen their claws and relax.

The sisal-covered scratching post is tall enough for your cat to stretch out while scratching, and durable enough to withstand plenty of use. The sleeping den at the top is made from a natural banana leaf material, and is woven by hand to produce a beautiful and natural piece of cat furniture.

The cosy, enclosed den will help make your cat feel safe and secure, and the soft removable cushion will give them a comfortable place to curl up and sleep. The cushion is washable too (up to 30°C).

There is also a toy ball on a rope for added fun, and the plush covered base also has a sisal scratching pad in the middle.


Height: 93 cm (Post 58 cm)
Post Diameter: 9 cm
Base Diameter: 56 cm
Price: £55

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