Christmas Jumpers For Dogs

9 of the Best Christmas Jumpers for Dogs

Christmas is a time for celebrating, and spending time with close family. And what better way to get into the Christmas spirit than to wear fun, festive outfits! Everyone wants to look their best, and your dog is no exception. They can join in too, with their very own Christmas jumper.

We’ve scoured the internet to find the best selection of Christmas jumpers for dogs – from cute to hilarious. Whether you want your pet to fit in with the family Christmas photo, or to look great on Instagram – there is something for all occasions.

Blueberry Pet Reindeer Christmas Dog Jumper

This classic red, white and blue turtleneck jumper features reindeer, snowflakes and Christmas trees to ensure your dog not only looks festive, but stylish too. The jumper is made from a soft acrylic material, and includes a handy leash/harness hole. This means you can easily fit the jumper over a collar or harness and take your dog for a Christmassy walk.

Not only is this jumper available in a range of sizes for dogs, it’s also available for men, women and children too so the whole family can wear matching jumpers. There’s also a throw available too, as well as a very cute scarf for dogs.

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Elf Christmas Sweater

If your dog fancies dressing up as Santa’s little helper, then this Elf Christmas sweater is perfect for them.

The grey pullover-style jumper features a cute elf design on the back, with colourful bobbles attached. Unlike some Christmas jumpers in this review, this particular one doesn’t have a hole for easily attaching a leash.

Made from acrylic yarn, it is slightly stretchy and is windproof and warm so will keep your dog cosy during the cold winter weather too.

Available in a number of sizes, ranging from XXS to XXL there is a jumper available for almost any dog.

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Pets at Home Christmas Pudding Dog Jumper

Get your dog into the festive spirit with this Christmas Pudding dog jumper from Pets at Home. This cosy red and brown pullover features an adorable Christmas pudding, made from sequins.

The jumper is made from 90% Acrylic 5% Polyester and 5% Polypropylene. It’s washable too, but only by hand in cold water.

Available in 4 sizes, from X-Small to Large, it is suitable for breeds ranging in size from Pomeranians to Boxers.

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Pets at Home Christmas Reindeer Fair Isle Dog Jumper

Another festive jumper from Pets at Home, this Reindeer Jumper features a knitted design of white reindeer and snowflakes against a red background. With a cosy pullover style, it is easy to fit too as well as looking good.

To add to the festive cheer, this cosy jumper also features adorable 3-D reindeer antlers.

Made from 100% Acrylic, it’s available in 5 sixes, from X-Small to X-Large – suitable for breeds from Pomeranians to Dalmatians.

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Pets at Home Pom Pom Glitter Tree Dog Jumper

Christmas trees covered in decorations are a staple part of Christmas, and now your dog can look the part with this cute Glitter Tree jumper.

Made from 100% Acrylic, this green pullover style jumper is green, with glittery tinsel and pom pom baubles to give it that decorated tree look.

Available in sizes from Small to X-Large, it is suitable for breeds ranging in size from Pugs and French Bulldogs to Dalmatians.

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Reindeer Christmas Dog Jumper

If you’re looking for a Christmas themed jumper that isn’t red or green, then this Reindeer jumper could be just what you’re after.

This smart grey and black jumper features red decorations, and a festive black reindeer pattern. The jumper is also easy to fit and remove.

Made from acrylic, it will keep your dog cosy and warm on those cold winter days.

Available in a range of sizes from Small to XX-Large, there should be a size suitable for most dogs ranging in size from a Pomeranian to Labrador Retriever. It’s also available in red if you decide to go for the more traditional Christmas colour.

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Santa’s Cane Festive Jumper

This Santa’s Cane Christmas jumper features a smart and festive design, including a pattern of Santa’s cane.

The dark blue and red jumper also includes Christmas tree designs, and red, white and green decorations.

Made from 100% Acrylic, it will be warm and comfortable as well as stylish. The jumper also features a hole for a leash, meaning you can put it over a harness or collar and still attach a leash.

Available in several sizes from Small to Large, there isn’t as much size choice as some other designs.

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Snowman Dog Christmas Jumper

What says Christmas more than this snowman jumper for dogs, featuring a cute snowman and snowflakes, which stand out against the red and green material.

Made from a soft acrylic fabric, this jumper is comfortable and warm on cold winter days. It’s also hand-washable at cold temperatures.

Like most of the jumpers in this review, it is a pullover style, and has two holes for the front legs of your dog to fit through.

Available in a range of sizes from XXS to XXL, there should be a jumper for almost any breed of dog.

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Turtleneck Christmas Dog Sweater

This cosy winter turtleneck jumper features a fashionable ugly style pattern, and the red, green and white colours are perfect for Christmas.

The soft and warm material will keep your dog warm, as well as looking the part during the festive celebrations. The jumper also features a hole so you can attach a leash to a collar or harness under the jumper.

Made from a soft and light polyester material, the jumper can be machine washed, on a gentle wash cycle.

Available in 4 sizes, from Small to Large.

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