Human Food Dogs Can Eat

15 Human Foods that Dogs Can Eat

Last updated: July 27th, 2023

Just like us, dogs love a good treat throughout the day. If there anything like Rio, he’ll pad his feet and jump up and down in excitement at his bowl when he sees that we all have the same variation of dinner. We cook all of Rio’s dinners each night, usually incorporating fresh unseasoned meat and white rice with different vegetables. He loves watching his dinner cooking in the oven and then racing out to the balcony to have his dinner al-fresco. He’s not spoilt at all, right?

Human foods in snack form are perfect for dog training and rewarding and reinforcing good behaviour, but they’re also a way to stop those puppy dog eyes looking at your so deeply craving those treats that you’re snacking on that they have no idea is so bad for them!

There are a lot of human foods, like chocolate and grapes, which are an absolute no go for dogs. However, some of the foods that we indulge on can be just as yummy and nutritious for our pooches. We hope that this list will give you some ideas of what you can give to your four-legged friend.

1. Peanut Butter

Unsalted peanut butter or peanut butter low in sugars is safe and yummy for dogs to eat in moderation. You might want to try baking peanut butter doggy biscuits, or even frozen peanut butter for dogs in the summer heat. Peanut butter contains vitamins E and B, niacin, healthy fats and protein. It is absolutely vital that you check the peanut butter does not contain xylitol which is highly toxic for dogs.

2. Eggs

Rio absolutely loves eggs in the morning. I’m talking egg white, yolk and the shell. Dogs love snacking on eggs, whether they’re raw or cooked. Rio much prefers a soft-boiled egg, but raw eggs are just as good. If your dog is anything like our Rio, he’ll lick the yolk out, then eat the egg whites then take the shell over to his mat to crunch on the rest of it!

3. Carrots

Chewing on carrots is a great way to remove plaque from their teeth to promote good dental health. Carrots are a fantastic source of vitamin A, which is beneficial for their immune system, skin and coat. Too much vitamin A can be toxic so feed carrots in moderation.

4. Fish

Salmon, tuna and shrimp are a great source of protein for dogs and also delicious. Rich in sources of omega-3, which can keep the immune system, skin and coat healthy.

5. Blueberries

Blueberries are a great source of fibre and antioxidants. Rio loves munching on some blueberries and playing with them before he eats them, nudging the ball around with his nose and paws.

6. Popcorn

Plain popcorn contains magnesium, phosphorous and zinc which are all key minerals for keeping dog’s healthy. Make sure that your dog doesn’t eat any unpopped kernels as these are a choking hazard.

7. Pineapples

Pineapples, either frozen or raw, is another option of fruit that is safe for dogs to eat. There is a natural high sugar content and fibre in pineapples, so it should only be given in moderation.

Healthy Human Food For Dogs

8. Cottage Cheese

Cottage cheese is high in protein and calcium so it’s a good way to get some extra protein into the diet.  Rio loves snacking on a small amount of cottage cheese every so often!

9. Bread

Although Rio doesn’t like bread, plain white and wheat bread is generally safe for dogs to eat, provided they don’t have any allergies, it usually does not cause any stomach upset.

10. Blackberries

Just like blueberries, blackberries are packed with antioxidants, fibre and vitamins meaning they’re a great healthy treat for your dog.

11. White Rice

One of Rio’s favourite dinners is a white rice with chicken and carrots dinner, which is a good one for when dogs have an upset stomach. White rice can help your dog feel better if they are having stomach problems. You could also serve white pasta.

12. Chicken

Plain, boiled chicken with no seasoning is a great source of protein and a yummy dinner for dogs. These are especially good for dogs who have an upset stomach, or those like Rio, who have a fragile digestion system.

13. Bananas

Although Rio doesn’t enjoy bananas, most dogs enjoy banana in moderation. Bananas are a great source of potassium, manganese, vitamin B6, Vitamin C, fibre, biotin and copper. Due to the high sugar content in fruit, bananas should not be a regular part of their diet, but only as a treat every so often!

14. Cucumber

As cucumbers are high in water, they are a great way to keep your dog’s body hydrated, whilst giving them a scrumptious treat. If your dog is out and about, cucumbers are a way to quench their thirst and get some hydration whilst indulging in a treat.

15. Watermelon

Watermelons can keep your dog hydrated during a hot summer’s day and are also a tasty treat. Be sure to remove the seeds which can cause an intestinal blockage.

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