Cat Scared by Cucumber

Cats and Cucumbers

Last updated: December 6th, 2018

This cat saw a cucumber – you’ll be amazed what happened next!

The latest craze sweeping the world of online cat videos involves cucumbers. Yep – that’s right – that green vegetable often found in tuna sandwiches.

Cats are usually pretty cool creatures, but when a harmless cucumber sneaks up behind them, then you’ll be amazed by their reaction!

It seems that the sight of one of these green vegetables triggers some sort of instinctive reaction in cats and causes them to leap away in a panic. Some experts believe it is because, to an unsuspecting cat, the cucumber bears some resemblance to a snake. However the other option could be that cats know something we don’t, and maybe there is something evil hidden inside this apparently harmless vegetable.

It’s never a good idea to stress your cat out, so for the sake of cats everywhere, cucumbers should remain where they are meant to be – in salads.

This cat almost steps on the cucumber before noticing it…

Are two cucumbers worse than one? This cat thinks so!

This brave kitty decides to fight back!

Another brave cat decides to show the cucumber who’s boss!

How did that sneak up so quietly?

Having backup definitely helps when there are evil cucumbers hanging around.